Sunday, April 20, 2014

Update on Chayton's book

Yesterday, I finished writing Chayton's book. It'll take me a few days to edit, then off it goes to my other editors. Hoping to have a pre-order date soon!

All the best,


  1. Heir Untamed was a great love story! Hope you are going to pick up where you left off. would love to see how everything work up to the wedding and beyond. I really like the Prince as a rake.

  2. Thank you! Books 2,3,4, and 5 are out, in case you haven't seen them. :)

    1. There are more then the first three in the latvola royal series? If so please let me know what the names are..would love to read those as well:-)

  3. Cannot rate your books highly enough, the royals are fab and have loved being a part of their story from the beginning! These books are well worth the wait!

  4. I'm currently in a fight with nook about mattias' s book. I bought it but it never downloaded. Still bumped about that but I've read all the others and am anxiously awaiting the new ones!! Are you planning on continuing with a book 6?

  5. Love your books. Just finished the Latvola Royal series and loved every minute of them. Couldn't bring myself to put it down. Can't wait to start another one of your creative pieces of literature! All the best, keep them coming. Again love your works!!