Thursday, August 29, 2013

Huge sale on the Society Collection!

In an effort to promote this series, I'm making the new Collection .99 for a very limited time!  This is all three books, in their entirety, for less than a buck.  The usual cost is $11.97 for all three.

Get it at:

Barnes & Noble:  Society Collection

Amazon:  Society Collection

Kobo: Society Collection

This Collection is not yet on iTunes.

Here's the description:

Psychics, horrific visions of the future, murder, betrayal and unexpected love. They are all part of a days work for ex-CIA agent turned detective, Mahayla Breland. Hired to find a man, who is an expert at vanishing off the grid, Mahayla could never foresee the lengths the Society of the Nines would go to to ensure his death. Or the lengths she would go to protect Elliott and their growing love affair.

On the run from a sinister presence from Elliott's past and even her own father and former lover from the CIA, it will take all of Mahayla's skill, wit and determination to keep them alive and change their future away from the dark premonitions foretold by the Society.



  1. Danielle please finish the Fate series... don't forget about it! :-)

  2. Hello? I would love to try this series for 99 cents. B&N is selling it for 5.99, still a bargain, I guess. Is there a code or key to get the 99 cent deal?

    Thank you, will check back for reply.

  3. I won't forget, Jackie! Ek: It was on sale for a limited time. :)